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Forte dei Marmi


Forte dei Marmi is surrounded by fantastic areas. Discover Versilia and the nearest cities of art like Lucca | Siena | Florence | Pisa.

Historic and interesting places:
Garibaldi square, Dante square, Marconi square with the famous Forte market, Il Fortino, Villa Bertelli, Ugo guidi museum, Il Pontile, The historic villas of Forte dei Marmi.

Starred restaurants:
Bistrot restaurant, La Magnolia del Byron restaurant, Lorenzo restaurant, Lux Lucis hotel Principe restaurant, Il Parco restaurant in Villa Grey.

The famous market of Forte dei Marmi takes place in Piazza Marconi every Wednesday of the year, 8.00-13.30; from Easter Sunday to the end of October also on Sunday from 08:00 to 13:30.
The food market takes place in Piazza Donatori di Organi every Wednesday of the year, 08: 00-13: 30; the weekly market of Vittoria Apuana takes place from 1 Friday in June to the last Friday in September, 8.00-13.30; the Farmer's Market takes place in the hamlets of Forte dei Marmi every Sunday from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm according to the following calendar 1st-3rd-5th Sunday of each month in Piazza Donatori di Organi and 2nd-4th Sunday of every month in Via Assisi, Vittoria Apuana; the Antiques Market takes place in Piazza Dante all year round on the second weekend of the month with the following times: from October to March: 9.00–17.30 (standard time), from March to May: 9.00–19.00 (summer time) and from June to September: 9.00–24.00.

Annual fair of Sant’Ermete, on August 28, takes place in the streets and squares of the center.

Cinema Nuovo Lido, two cinemas with 3D screens.

Night fun:
The historic and inimitable Capannina di Franceschi and much more.

Playgrounds and carousels:
Piazza Marconi, there are numerous rides; Sabin playground at Pineta Emilio Tarabella, located on the seafront; Save purchase playground, located in the center of Vittoria Apuana.

Sports activities:
Fitness and fitness area, located in via Raffaelli, inside a pine forest; gyms; tennis and paddle courts; soccer fields; surf; sailing; golf; swimming pools; skate park.

For four-legged friends:
Veterinary practice Dr. de Guttry, Bertagna, Cassiodoro in via Amendola, 51 Forte dei Marmi.

Music, art and culture:
Festival Puccini, Lucca Summer Festival, La Versiliana, Villa Bertelli, Biblioteca 2.0, Terre Medicee.

Strategic position to reach many attractive places:
Highway 3.1 km, Lucca 26 km, Pisa 32 km, Firenze 95 km, Cinque Terre 35 km, Portovenere 28 km, marble quarries Carrara 18 km.

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